Madness in the Method

(est: June 2019) (updated: August 2019)

Why Madness in the Method?

For me personally, the name represents 2 things >

  • The arduous journey before I finally got my diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
  • How my ‘crazy’ & ‘Madness in the Method’ mind perceives life in general.

Simply put, it represents the complete and utter MADNESS in the METHOD (process) of getting a diagnosis of EDS, or any other medical condition that may fall into the ‘too hard’ basket – AND – the MADNESS in the METHOD with everyday life.

My diagnosis experience in a nutshell was an exhausting, and at times soul crushing, 14-year journey of dismissive, rude, arrogant and narrow-minded assholes (aka: medical experts) that were always happy to snatch my money as they were once again, kicking me to the kerb.

For the thousands of dollars (yes thousands) I spent over the years trying to get the answers, the outcome was pretty much always the same with me questioning my own sanity and slowly, but surely, getting tipped further over that edge of no return.

The purpose of this ‘Madness in the Method’ blog is to primarily help myself work through the many roller-coaster emotions I’ve encountered/am still encountering since my EDS diagnosis, and who knows, maybe someone else will read about my crazy journey and be able to relate?

I’ll also be talking about ‘real-life shit’ that most of us have to deal with at some point or another so this blog will be along the lines of being a bag of mixed nuts when it comes to the topics I’ll be talking about – which may be quite confronting and upsetting for some people.

If anybody out there in cyberspace does come across my diagnosis story (?) and you’re currently on that endless, shitty and very lonely road of trying to get a medical diagnosis – PLEASE don’t give up! I am proof that there is a light at the end of that very dark tunnel so keep on going strong and DO NOT let the so called medical ‘experts’ win!

You got this! ❣

Oh and before I forget !!!

To all of you so called “medical experts” out there who think it’s OK to treat the ‘not so easy to diagnose’ patients like complete & utter shit, just because you can’t be arsed doing your job properly – I salute you >>>

No words needed …

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣

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