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Black Sheep & Families

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Off Topic #2 I’ve ummed and ahhed about doing this subject as I’ll be using some of my own personal family problems as an example, but then I thought to ahh, fuck it – why the hell not. Before I jump in head first though, I just want to say that anyone who says they don’t have a black sheep… Read more »

When All Else Fails – Just Meme It!

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Well I was hoping to have another ‘off topic’ blog-post finished for publishing today, but it’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would – which sorta, kinda suxs 😐 I also lost some valuable writing time with having to attend a therapy session with the psychologist, but it is what it is, so just gotta go with the… Read more »

Relief vs Anger – Part 4

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With my ‘RUMBLE’ at full capacity, I quickly got started on the email – that I must of edited AT LEAST a 100 times – but this was my one and only shot at it so I had to get it right! I toddled off to a random GP to get a referral letter (just in case) and after telling… Read more »