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Mind Over Matter/Pain – Part 2

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The top ‘Urban Dictionary’ pain definition >What happens when you step on a Lego brick 😆 So from where I left off the last time I was talking about pain > https://madnessinthemethod.com/ehlers-danlos-pain/ I just want to clarify a coupla things before I start ranting and raving on about this touchy subject again. I talked about 1) being more grateful for… Read more »

Sunday Still Be Like …

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It’s Sunday Meme Time! Whoot-Whoot! And the word of the day is > ACCURATE! 😉 And just in case you missed out on last Sunday’s memes > https://madnessinthemethod.com/2019/06/23/sunday-be-like/ Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣

Mind Over Matter/Pain – Part 1

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The perception of pain that goes in to pain tolerance has two major components; 1) the biological component, ie: a headache that activates pain receptors. 2) the brain’s perception of pain, ie: how much focus is spent paying attention to or ignoring it. (this nutshell version of pain tolerance is thanks to Google) Pain is actually a bit of a touchy… Read more »