Turns out it’s Friday the 13th, so it’s a good job I’m not superstitious 😉

I say this with love 😆âĢ

If you’d asked me yesterday what my next blog post was going to be about, I would have said that it was a toss-up between another taboo subject, something medical-related, or some cool DIY ideas that I came across, but then, by no fault of my own – I.got.sidetracked 😂

Now, you’ve probably already guessed what it is from the title, but just in case – it’s PUN time!

Been there, pun that ðŸĪŠ

So, right about now, you’re probably wondering 2 things – is she on drugs? and why puns?

No, I’m not and – I’m about to tell you 🙃

I needed to come up with something catchy about snow (yes, snow as in falls from the sky snow) but for the life of me I was having a major brain fart and couldn’t come up with zip, zero – nada.

Truth 😕

Now, what do the majority of us do when we get stuck with something?

Yep, we Google the shit out of it!

And let me just say – I.WAS.NOT.DISAPPOINTED!


Now, I may be showing my age here, but up until last night, I had NO frign idea that pun websites even existed!


(to the Millenials who are laughing at me right now from my old’ness, dumbarse’ness, and naivety to what’s on the internet – you’re welcome!😁)


Not only did I get some cool snow ones to choose from instead of straining my brain and getting pissed off, but it also unexpectedly took my mind off my health issued reality for a while with some pretty cool funnies – winning!!! ðŸĪĐ

No, I’m not – it’s September ðŸĪĢ
There’s just no stopping me! 😂

So, for anyone else out there in cyberspace who sometimes needs to think of something catchy for their social media, or whatever [?] and you didn’t know about these pun websites either – never fear coz M.I.T.M is here >

Pun in a million 🙄😅🙄

I’m going to assume, or at least hope like hell, that I’m not the only person in this big ‘ol crazy world that didn’t know that there were websites dedicated to every pun known to man-kind, but if I am – well what can I say apart from I’m obviously not very internet savvy 😐

I wonder if this one was a pun-hit wonder? LOL 😜

I hope this silly pun post has (at least) put a smile on your dial, but before I sign off for the night, I just have pun more for the road 😁


Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie âĢ