1) Someone who thinks that problems thought up by the mind can be solved by even more thinking 2) A certified and trained prostitute of the mind, who naturally charges for his/her services by the hour 😂

Oh, and before anyone gets their knickers in a knot with the ‘urban dictionary’ definition of a psychologist – it’s a joke!

I did it for some fun as I’m feeling pretty crappy at the mo, and it’s one of those days where I’m best left on my own so I can focus on keeping the pain levels under control. 

My necks decided to be an asshole today so it’s looking like an early night so I can stretch it out, and try to take some pressure off it.

Fun times – not! 😑

Yes, I Am!

Anyways, I had my 1st session with the psychologist yesterday, and it went pretty well!

I found it really easy to talk to her, which is obviously important, and even though it’s early days – we did get off to a pretty good start.

I had to laugh though when she was going through the referral paperwork and asked me what Erlers Dan Lows Syndrome was? lol 😁

We established the goal, which is teaching me tools to help deal with the EDS diagnosis emotional roller-coaster I’m stuck on and to also build a bridge between me, pain, and pain killers.

Righteo, I’m going to sign off for now as I’m struggling with my neck, and even though I’m fiercely stubborn when it comes to the pain – I also know when I’m getting my ass kicked in 😕

I’ll continue this tomorrow – maybe?

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣

(Edited/Added – Thursday 11th July 2019)

I’m back! 😜

Geez, that was fun – NOT!

Feeling like the back of my neck had been whopped with a cricket bat is not very pleasant, but it is what it is.

Now, as I was saying ^ we established the goal of the therapy and I found it easy to talk to her.

In saying that though, I must admit I didn’t like where my head was at when I got home.

She was finding it difficult to understand why I was so angry at the “medical experts” and to be honest – that REALLY annoyed me 😠

As a psychologist, you need to realise that you know jack shit about your patient in the first 60 mins therapy session – especially when 10 minutes of it was used to sort out forms and paperwork.

Yes I Am 😀

Next time I see her I’ll be telling her to chill a bit with assumptions before getting to know me first, and then hopefully, fingers & toes crossed, we’ll develop a great therapist/patient relationship 😊

Right, it’s time for a cuppa, so I’m outta here!

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣