Conflict of ‘PINTEREST’: When you have other things to do, but you can’t drag your ass off the computer.

So I’m going to assume that everybody out there has a Pinterest account ? but if not – has at least heard about it at some point in their life?

If the answer is no (?) then maybe I’m not living as much of a sheltered life as I thought I was.

Now, Pinterest and I go way, WAY back to the early days when it was still finding its feet, and even though I can’t remember how I actually came across it [?] when I did, all of my ‘normality’ went flying out the window 😂

I was dedicated (aka: addicted) to Pinterest as if my life depended on it, and even though I wasn’t OCD in my real-life – I had some pretty serious OCD issues in my ‘Pinterest life’ when it came to my boards and layouts.

Basically, in a nutshell, life didn’t exist around me when I was on Pinterest 😆

I’d been well and truly sucked into the vortex of Pinterest, and with it taking over about 80% of my life (at the time) I’ll admit there may have been some nights when dinner was a tad late 😉

BUT! One day out of the blue, I no longer felt satisfied after a big pinning session and didn’t really care anymore if my boards/layouts/pins were organised.

I couldn’t work out why, or what had happened, but all of my Pinterest happiness had gone by the wayside, and the relationship we had was officially over. 

Now, up until recently, I’d never bothered with it anymore, and even though the majority of my followers remained loyal, and my pins were still getting re-pinned, the Pinterest magic was missing, and I still wasn’t interested.

It wasn’t until after the diagnosis of EDS, and the shitty emotional roller-coaster that came along with it, that I started considering firing up my Pinterest account again to try and help keep my mind busy. 

After signing back in, I have to admit that it only took about 5 mins before I’d gone straight back into the Pinterest OCD mentality, but my anxiety levels were becoming more & more bearable, which to me – was a hands-down/win-WIN situation!

So, would I recommend Pinterest to anyone who may be struggling with anxiety/mental health issues? Absolutely! BUT, some words of advice > become a “Pinterester” in a healthy way 🤣😜🤣

Pinterest can definitely be a healthy escape from reality when we need it, regardless of what might be going on in our lives at the time, but be warned – it can also be somewhat frustrating with ‘Pinterest annoyances’ such as >>>


Righteo, it’s time to head back to my Pinterest account to load up some more kick-ass photos for my awesome followers, but before I go, I’ll finish off with one more meme, just for shits & giggles.

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣