Only in Australia!

As I was sorting through some pictures this morning for Pinterest, I came across photos that I took a couple of weeks ago and realised that what we Australians classify as ‘normal’ – the majority of the world would disagree.

So, what am I talking about you wonder?

Good ‘ol Australian wildlife! 😀

Now, I’ve seen the funny memes getting around with how dangerous it is here because the wildlife is out to get you, but in reality – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, there’s a shitload of critters & creatures here that can/will kill you, but it’s not as bad as how the majority of the world perceives it to be.

There’s a very BIG difference with Australian wildlife when living in suburbia vs rural/country, and that seems to be where the line starts to blur for the people who have never been here.

I can assure you that we do not have kangeroos cruising up and down suburban streets, sleeping in our gardens, or hanging out at shopping centres 🤣

Now, depending on where you live in Australia, suburbia does have many critters & creatures, and the following photos are 2 of our latest visitors/house guests >

Carpet Python (harmless)
Flying fox/Fruit bat (harmless)

The python has moved into our workshop to keep himself nice and warm through winter – yes it does get cold in Australia – and the only reason we knew he was in there was because he’d knocked things off the shelves onto the floor.

He’s also currently shedding at the moment, so the workshop has become his safe haven while he goes through the skin shedding process.

(Oh, and where I keep saying he – it could be a she? And in regards to the size – I’d say medium’ish)

Now, with my husband having a moderate>high fear of snakes, and getting ready to ring a snake-catcher, admittedly it did take me a while but I eventually convinced him to let the snake stay.

I know what you’re thinking – am I crazy? 😂

Yeah, maybe I am [?] but the way I see it is he’s not doing anybody any harm with chillaxing in the workshop, and as soon as he’s finished shedding, and the weather warms up, he/she will happily move on all by him/her self.

The fruit bat is juvenile sized and has taken a liking to the red berries on our mock orange trees, and even though the Mum doesn’t sleep there during the day as well, we see her flying around at night busy doing her bat thing.

The house we’re in now, which is typical suburbia, we’ve already had 6 x snakes in the 3 years we’ve lived here > 2 x carpet pythons, 2 x green tree snakes, 1 x crown snake, and 1 x ? snake – possibly a brown snake but it was too quick for us to be able to get a good look.

Now, is this normal snake behavior for typical suburbia? No, not really, and for whatever reason [?] we’ve had more snakes at this place than we ever had when we lived out in the country on rural properties.

Even the neighbours around here haven’t had/seen any snakes, so I keep telling my husband that they know he has a fear of them, so they head over to our house just to freak him out 😂

Ahh the joys of living in Australia, lol.

I’ve got many more photos of different wildlife that have come to visit us over the years, so one day, when life settles down with the ongoing medical crap, I’ll do a post dedicated to all the very cool AND awesome (harmless) Aussie critters & creatures 🤩

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Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣