Overwhelmed: buried beneath a huge mass of something. Having a strong emotional effect. To overcome completely in mind or feeling. Bombarded with more than enough. To affect someone’s emotions in a powerful way.

This pretty much sums up my week, hence why the blog hasn’t had any action.

My goal was to post every few days, but with everything that’s going on at the moment, it’s more likely going to be every 7-10 days until things settle down.

The downside to it though – my sanity 🤪

With not being able to write for too long because of hypermobile/arthritic fingers, and also not being the commitment type when it comes to writing a ‘Dear Diary’ – starting a blog was the better/ideal solution for me.

I figured if I paid for a domain name/website, I’d be much more inclined to keep it up regularly – which would then help to keep my sanity in check! 🤩

From a mental health point of view – releasing and expressing emotions through words is a much healthier way to do it!

As they’re putting together a multi-disciplinary team, I’m getting pulled in every direction with all different kinds of appointments, so I’ll be really, REALLY glad when it’s finally all over!

This week (so far) I only have a GP appointment and a doppler/ultrasound, so hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, I’ll get some ‘me’ time to just chill and relax?

I hope everybody out there in cyberspace is having an awesome weekend, and to all of the other EDS warriors – stay strong!

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣