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Overwhelmed: buried beneath a huge mass of something. Having strong emotional effect. To overcome completely in mind or feeling. Bombarded with more than enough. To affect someone’s emotions in a powerful way.

This pretty much sums up my week, hence why this blog hasn’t had any action for the last few’ish days. My goal was/is to post every second day, but with everything that’s going on at the moment, it’s going to be more like every 3-4 days – well at least until thing’s settle down.

The downside to it – my sanity!

I’ve mentioned before in another blog post that I was doing this blog – primarily for me – and that is still, and always will be, the number one reason. If someone else out there in cyberspace does actually read it and can relate (?) – great – but that’s not why I’m doing it.

This is more of an online personal diary to deal with the emotions I’m experiencing as I’m not really the commitment type when it comes to writing an actual ‘Dear Diary’ journal. Plus I can’t physically write for too long due to my fingers being hyper-mobile & arthritic.

I figured if I paid for a domain name/website, I’d be more inclined to keep it up on a regular basis, which would then continue to help keep my sanity in check!

Looking at it from a mental health point of view with releasing and expressing emotions through words – is a much, much healthier way to do it!

This past week has been a little whoop whoop crazy as I’m still in that ‘getting pulled in every direction’ phase with appointments for the multi-disciplinary team. One thing I do know for sure though! I’ll be frign glad when it’s all over as it’s really starting to piss me off and get me down. I know and understand that it’s part of the process, but it still managing to take a toll.

The Psychologist was organised, which is great, as that will give me another avenue to vent and release emotions along side this blog – and hopefully (?) I’ll be taught some tools/coping strategies to work though this shitty-arsed emotional roller-coaster?

The pain clinic didn’t go well which was a real shame, but it wasn’t because they didn’t want to help me. They were just very limited to what they could do for me as they mainly deal with knees and shoulders – which are the 2 places that I’m (fingers/toes crossed) not having too many problems with. In saying that though, they were still lovely people to deal with.

I’m way, WAY behind in my work as well (I work from home) so today is going to be another crazy-arsed day whilst I try to catch up on everything. Usually I’m so pedantic and organised with everything, especially when it comes to my work, so for me to be in such a kerfuffle with it all – well it doesn’t sit well with my mental health which is making me feel more overwhelmed.

The good news though!

So far I only have 1 GP appointment this week and a doppler ultrasound! (whoot whoot!) Maybe, just MAYBE, this will be the week where I might be able to chill a ‘little’ and catch my breath – so to speak – before the tsunami of appointments start again in a fortnights time. Hmm did I mention I’ll be glad when it’s all over, lol.

I have definitely ticked all of the overwhelmed criteria boxes in this past week!!!

Righteo, it’s time for me to sign off and make another ‘cup of motivation’ (aka: cup of tea) before the shitload of work begins. The saying of “Sunday is a day of rest” is not going to apply to me in any way, shape or form today – which kinda suxs as my pain levels are not playing nice!

I hope everybody out there in cyberspace is having an awesome weekend, and to all of the other EDS warriors – stay strong!

Until next time! Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣