Medical Cannabis (Update #2)

Woohoo, it’s marijuana (medical cannabis) update time!

Now, to be honest with you, I really didn’t expect to be doing update #2 so soon, but things have moved along a lot quicker than I thought they would.

Righteo, let’s recap shall we >

In Medical Cannabis (Update #1) I’d had my video consultation with the doctor, got accepted into the SAS (special access scheme) and the paperwork was being submitted to the TGA/State Government for processing – which had a 24 hour > 5 weeks waiting time.

Oh, and the cost so far was $450.

WHOA! Holy shit, I’ve just been thrown way off track!

While I was busy yapping to you all, and tippy-tappying on the keyboard, my frign medical cannabis just turned up!!! ðŸ˜ē


Ahh FFS, all the cool ‘waiting for a package’ memes I’d done for this blog post are now wasted! ðŸĪŽðŸ˜‚

Okay, time to re-focus back to what I was talking about

It only took the TGA/State Government 5 business days to process it (which I thought was GREAT) and once the doctor had received the go-ahead from them, I then had to fill out more bloody paperwork 🙄 and have it signed by a JP (justice of the peace)

Once the doctor received the signed paperwork, another video consultation was scheduled (approx 10 mins) where he explained what he was prescribing + the dosage trial instructions.

I was then put in touch with the pharmacy who receives/dispenses the medical cannabis, and that’s when I found out the last steps to the process + the costs.

FYI: not all pharmacies can dispense it unless they have a special license.

The pharmacist explained that once they’ve submitted the prescription to the supplier, it would then take approx 2-3 days for them to receive it, and then it gets express posted to me.

She also went into detail about what the (Australian made) product was > 10/10 (10mg cannabidiol CBD and 10mg tetrahydrocannabinol THC) + how to take it (it’s put under the tongue) + how many repeats the doctor gave me (5) + how often I can fill a new repeat (3 weeks minimum).

Oh, and I had to pay for it – obviously 😆

Too easy, lemon squeezy 🍋

1mL = 10mg/10mg

Now, with just receiving it (literally) – the timeframe of that phone call to it being delivered to my door was 3 business days.


The TOTAL amount of time it’s taken to apply + be accepted + wait for the government to process the paperwork + physically receiving the medical cannabis was 15 business days – which is pretty damn good!

And yes, I know there will be a lot of you wondering what the total cost was, but hold your horses as I’m about to tell you! 😉

$450 so far + another $330 = $780 – with $228 of that being for the medical cannabis prescription.

Now, do I think that’s expensive? NO frign way!!!

I expected the total to be much higher so I’M OVER THE BLOODY MOON ABOUT IT!!! ðŸĪĐ

The 14 years of trying to get answers/diagnosis cost thousands of dollars with specialists and tests, so $780 is nothing in comparison – especially if it works & helps improve my quality of life???

Obviously, the ballpark figures I was getting along the way were way, WAY off the mark, but that’s a good thing as it makes it much more accessible to others – which I’m very, VERY happy about! 😁

Oops, nearly forgot! I also have to have regular consultations/check-ins every 2 weeks with the medical cannabis doctor (for the first 3 months?) so the actual total, TOTAL cost is still an unknown?

Dosage trial starting in 3 .. 2 .. 1

The next question on everyone’s minds would be – how long is the $228 bottle of medical cannabis oil going to last [?] but I have no idea, and unfortunately, I can’t answer that – yet.

For the next few weeks, if not longer, it’s going to be trial and error with the dosages until we find the right one that works for me?

Everyone has different pain levels/illnesses/diseases/symptoms so we’re started on a very low dose at first, and then work our way up through the dose amounts slowly.

The medical cannabis motto – “Start Low, Go Slow”

Oh, and just in case you were wondering [?] it depends on your symptoms/illness/disease (not necessarily the pain levels) that determines if you’re prescribed just the CBD oil on its own, or the CBD/THC oil mix.

NB: (According to the medical cannabis doctor) When you take CBD/THC, your driving days become limited as not only are you medically stoned/not allowed to drive, the THC will also show up in a random police/work RDT 😎 The CBD oil, on the other hand, is safe to drive and will not show up in a random drug test (RDT).

Fortunately for me, I work from home and my husband does most of the driving when we’re out and about.

So, my wonderful M.I.T.M friends, that pretty much brings you all up to speed for now, and even though I know this post is a “little” lengthy, I’d rather explain ALL of the process steps so you know exactly what you’re in for if you decide to go down the medical cannabis road?

The next thing now is to obviously start taking it, and working out a dosage that works for me [?] though I have to admit – I’m extremely nervous!

With having so many negative/bad experiences with the majority of medications I’ve tried over the years – to me, medical cannabis is no different to the rest and there’s a very high possibility that my body will reject it 😞

There will be a final update #3 once I’ve been on it for a while, and I’ll go through the list of medical cannabis pros and cons – from my own personal experience.

No.It’s.Not! ðŸĪŠ

If there’s something I’ve forgotten to mention [?] or you have any questions about the process so far, please feel free to contact me > contact Essie.

Oh, and I’ve mentioned that I was working on a blog post which should be finished in the next few days, but now the medical cannabis has arrived, and depending on what it does to me once I start taking it [?] that timeline might be flying straight out the window???

I’m gonna tell you all to have a GREAT weekend now (just in case I’m AWOL) and I’ll catch ya’s on the flip side! 😀

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie âĢ