Medical Cannabis (Update #1)

Alrighty then! After having the (required) consultation with the medical cannabis doctor a few days ago, and also having more information since the Medical Cannabis post, I just wanted to do a quick update with how the process seems to work here in Australia.

FYI: The licensed medical cannabis doctor is who determines & decides (based on your diagnosis/symptoms/illness/disease) whether or not you’re eligible to be prescribed medical cannabis, and be part of the (SAS) Special Access Scheme.

Now, I’m not 100% sure if all Australian medical cannabis clinics offer it [?] but the clinic I’m going through gave me a choice of having either a face-to-face or video consult (costs the same either way) and so with the travel time being approx 60-70 minutes (depending on traffic) I went with the video call option.

The consult was approx 45 minutes (give or take) and was pretty much going through >

  • the GP referral/symptoms/pain levels/current & past medications/side effects
  • my mental state & socio-economic impacts
  • all confirmed diagnoses & my chronic disease management plan
  • specialists who are involved with my ongoing care
  • cannabis dosages/trials/regular follow-ups/prescription refills
  • the 2 types of medical cannabis (CBD + THC) and which one is better suited and why
  • and last, but not least …
  • the rules/regulations/laws with being a medical cannabis patient

At the end of the consultation, he told me he was going to submit the paperwork to the TGA/State Government immediately, which was GREAT news, BUT this is where the 3 different timelines came into it.

As I mentioned in Medical Cannabis – I was told the waiting time for the TGA/State Government took 24 hours > 3 days, BUT then the doctor told me it’s about 4-5 weeks – AND then when I paid the TGA admin paperwork fee later that day, I was told 24 hours > 2 weeks – so who frign knows??? *shrugs shoulders* ðŸĪ”

At this stage, I’m not 100% sure how much the medical cannabis prescription is going to be [?] and have only been given a ballpark figure to work with as it depends on the cannabis type CBD? TLC? and the dosage?

So far, it’s cost $450, with the TGA/State Government application fee being the most expensive, and FYI – there are NO medicare rebates available. Oh, and even though I’ve been given a ballpark figure, I’ve decided not to say anything until I get the EXACT pricing.

From here it’s now a waiting game, however long that’s going to be [?] and apparently someone will be in contact with me as soon as the TGA/State Government puts their stamp of approval on it – which will then be another consultation, with another consultation fee, and then the cost of the prescription on top of that.

I do have a few other snippets of information, but I’ll wait until after the next consult before saying anything as I want to make 100% sure that I have all the details correct [?]

Stay tuned for Medical Cannabis (Update #2)

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has had/or is having an awesome weekend! 😎

Right, I’m outta here coz I’m bloody starving – which makes a change! *nom nom nom* 😁

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