Ahh FFS!

So, guess how my day went today?

I’ll give you a clue >

Yep, there it is, the fuckening! 😤

After already working on it for the past 2 days, I was so frign close to finishing and publishing Why Be So Judgy? today, but once again, more medical bullshit has got in the way.

I’d mentioned in Hump Day Memes that I had done something to my shoulder, but at that stage, I still wasn’t sure what was going on?

I had just assumed it was a muscle tear as I’ve had one in my calf muscle & forearm muscle (it’s an EDS thing) so even though it’s been, and still is, extremely painful, I didn’t bother rushing off to the docs as there’s nothing they can really do anyway.

So anyways, this morning I toddled off to see the GP as I’ve told them I won’t ignore symptoms for too long now (which is what I usually do) and that’s when my day started to turn into the fuckening 🤬

Turns out I have a Grade 3 AC Separation, which in a nutshell, is when the ligaments in that area of the shoulder are torn and the collarbone displaces – or as I like to call it, juts out.

(probably explains why I have a big bony weird lump sticking out the top of my shoulder and why it’s so frign sore 😖😂)

I feel so, SO lucky that I got to see my GP twice today though – pfft! 🙄

Image is thanks to Google

We’re not exactly sure how it’s happened [?] but on the day the pain started (Monday) I’d misjudged (proprioception) while going through a doorway and hit the doorframe with my shoulder again, but I’d also carried a vacuum cleaner downstairs and back upstairs – so who bloody knows?

Treatment is ice for the swelling, kick-ass painkillers that will make me sick (no thanks) and a sling for 4 weeks! Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen.

If it doesn’t settle down and get better on its own, it’ll be off to a surgeon to have it pinned back together – pass.

Thank you, EDS for being such an important part of my life – NOT! 🖕

So as the above ^ quote says, I’m calling it a day, but with tomorrow being a new day, new beginning – I’ll be getting myself back on track and getting Why Be So Judgy? finished and published!

Have a great Friday night everyone and I’ll catch ya on the flip side! 😀

Hugs / Peace Out! Essie ❣